A career timeline.

As Bessemer City Councilman of District 6, I have had the privilege of helping to advance cities initiatives for several several decades. I have a clear grasp of the opportunities and challenges of the city. I aim to work at the state level to help provide local officials with modern tools they need to make District 56 a more sustainable community.

Economic Accomplishments
Economic Accomplishments

Provided over 13 million in tax incentives to promote economic growth

Worked with city officials to provide tax incentives and rebates to bring economic growth to the district. Companies include Town and Country Ford, McDonalds, Simmons Sporting Goods, Alabama Adventure, Splash Water, Milos Tea and Academy Drive Hotels


Spearheaded the initiative to provide Bessemer with independence on its own resources

Helped to make Bessemer independent on its own resources by spearheading the initiative to provide a secured water plant in Bessemer to break away from Birmingham Water Work Works.

Continue to successfully negotiate and vote on over $11 million dollars in new deals to ensure Bessemer control over its utility company

Assisted in the development and annexation of 1166 acres of land

Assisted in the development and annexation of 1166 acres of land into the city of Bessemer. Land includes the Northern Beltline, Amazon Fullfillment Center, Dollar General, and Tannehill Promenade

Successfully increased the city's revenue

Increased the city’s revenue by the continued support of new business and current business growth

Workforce Accomplishments
Workforce Accomplishments

Brought 10,000+ jobs to Bessemer (District 56)

Throughout tenure as city councilman, worked alongside city officials to bring 10,000+ jobs to the Bessemer area

Developed skills and provided training for future workforce

I worked with local higher education to assist students in developing skills and training for future workforce needs

Retained jobs within Bessemer

Worked alongside city officials to negotiate with US Pipe to retain jobs within the city of Bessemer and block the move of their facilities to overseas

Community Accomplishments
Community Accomplishments

Allocated funding for drainage issues

Allocated $20,000 for the elimination of water and drainage problems in local communities

Developed community park

Initiated and supported the creation and development of McNeil Park

Addressed sewer issues in communities

Initiated the Sanitary Sewer Project in local communities

Generated 8 million to pave damaged roads

Worked with city officials to generate 8 million dollars bond issue to pave damaged roads within the city.

Brought new communities to Bessemer

Worked to bring affordable new subdivisions into the Bessemer area for single family homes

Worked to development new recreation and city hall in Bessemer

Worked alongside city officials to develop the new Bessemer Recreation Center and City Hall for public use by residents of the city

Education Accomplishments
Education Accomplishments

Voted 3 million in funding for school system

Voted to approve over 3 million dollars annually in funding to the district school system

Established programs to motivate students

Established ‘Inspire (now known as ‘Gear Up’) program at Bessemer City High School to motivate and enlighten students

Provide funding for student extracurricular activities

Supports extracurricular activities through funding set aside specifically to back the schools

Supported funding for general purpose education needs

Signed resolution to provide funding for general purposes

Public Safety
Public Safety

Installed new stop signs, traffic and street lights in community

Installed several new stop signs, traffic and street lights to promote safety of citizens

Allocated annual funds for flood issues in communities

Allocate $25,000 annually to assist with flood issues within communities

Improved communities through elimination of unkept lots

Eliminated overgrown lots to prohibit rodents to prevent disease and endagerment to resident

Retained medical resources in the community

Worked to retain hospital within the district

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