Priorities and Issues

As your state representative, I will continue my decades of work to better District 56 at a higher level.

During my 23 years of service as Bessemer’s District 6 City councilman, I have an in depth knowledge of what the people in district 56 need. As your state representative, I plan to take the knowledge learned, the challenges faced, and understanding of the needs of the district to make a difference at the state level. Through the following priorities, I plan fight for the needs of the people within the district and assist  local city officials to address the challenges they face.

Issue and Priority

Economic Development

My vision and work as city councilman has been to create wealth from which the community benefits. As your state representative, I aim to continue to invest in growing the districts economy and enhancing the prosperity and quality of life for all residents in District 56. My plan includes the following:


Tax Incentives

Set policy to allow cities to give tax incentives to encourage and entice potential business to locate within District 56.



To remove roadblocks to make it easier for people and opportunities to continue economic development


Team Work

Work with surrounding district leaders to continue to assist local officals to give resources needed to continue to build economic opportunities in the area



Utilize national resources to help improve the standard of living which in turn will help to increase economic development in the area

Issue and Priority

Community Development

My plan is to support community members at the state level to identify and take collective action on issues which are important to District 56. I aim to empower community leaders and create a stronger and more connected District 56. I plan to do this by addressing the following:

Accessable Broadband

I aim to bring more affordable Broadband opportunities to the district to ensure students can accomplish educational goals, residents are able to perform basic tasks, and businesses can function to perform their duties.

Grant Opportunities

Provide opportunities for open communication to assist in providing grant opportunities to meet the goals of community development within the district.

Land Banking

Continue to expand and strengthen land banking options where the city can buy tax delinquent properties to rehabilitate and sell for affordable housing options in the district.

Issue and Priority


I plan to improve District 56’s Education by addressing current issues that are seen within the schools. Primary issues have been brought to the forefront with the Covid pandemic. I aim to get the school system, teachers, and administration the help they need to combat current problems. In addition I plan to address current educational programs and efforts through additonal funding and the creation of policy.

Teacher Shortages

Work to provide incentives through benefits to address teacher shortages within the district.


Safety of Teachers and Administration

Continue to support teachers and administration safety within the school.

Funding and Policy

Work to improve student reading and comprehension levels within the district by providing needed funding and policy.


Support Current Education Initiatives

Support Alabama STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) program within the district.

Issue and Priority

Medicaid Expansion

My concern lies with the retired citizens of District 56 who are challenged with finding adequate helthcare options with medicaid. Every citizen deserves to be able to have choices of treatment versus desperatly looking for doctors who will accept medicaid. I plan to:



Work with Republican counterparts to expand Medicaid by passing the Medicaid expansion bill to receive millions in federal funding.


Healtcare Options

Work within policy to help expand the network of doctors to help provide the elderly with better healthcare options.

Issue and Priority

Public Safety

Public Safety is a priority. Although power lies withing the local districts, I plan to provide support to the local agency and address the needs of the residents of District 56.

Interstate Lighting

Improve interstate lighting within the district to provide more visibility on the roadway during interstate travel.

Emergency Services

Continue to work with municipalities within the district to enhance emergency services by putting funding in place to hire additional emergency staff. In addition, I plan on working to make conditions safe for emergency staff.

Grant Opportunities

Help provide Grant opportunities for municipalities to promote public safety and address crime. By assisting in funding, local safety agencies can address safety concerns where they see fit

Issue and Priority

Workforce Development

I plan to work to improve District 56’s workforce by providing policy to support training programs. This in turn will provide existing and potential workers with the skills to complete tasks needed by employers and to allow organizations to stay competitive in a global marketplace. I also plan to continue my efforts to bring opportunities to the area.

Promote the expansion of businesses within Bessemer

Continue to promote the expansion of businesses to locate within the district, therefore bringing new jobs to the area.

Create policy for local tax incentives

Create policy at a state level for Tax Incentives where cities can encourage businesses to offer workforce development programs.

Training Incentives to promote quality workforce

Work with AIDT at the state level to deliver a quality workforce to the district through training initiatives.

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